Individual Enterprise “Polat dokma we sowda “, is one of the first private producers of knitted fabrics in Turkmenistan. Our company was founded in 2008, we are trusted and use our products not only in Turkmenistan, but also in Turkey and Russia. We cooperate with partners from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines. Our knitwear is of high quality, good performance in operation and excellent aesthetic characteristics.

Production capacity: 150 ton per month

Production area: 3000m2

IE “Polat dokma we sowda” exports its products abroad, is us patented trademark “ADAS Textile» “ADAS Textile” was founded in 2008 and is currently one of the largest exporters of textile products from Turkmenistan to the world. The wide range of high-quality terry products (terry cloth, bathrobes, towels of different sizes and types), also we make the severe and dyed knitted fabric, yarns, bed linen.

Production of goods is carried out on the modern equipment of the leading global manufacturers. Experience and deep industry knowledge allow “ADAS Textile” to be proud of high level of quality of the production and to develop cooperation with clients worldwide. The company is characterized by its strong creative flair and competence that guarantees innovative style in the fabrics produced. Having trade representations in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, ADAS Textile constantly watches change of the market that promotes continuous growth of sales. The main priority of our company is to offer a diverse range of products, high quality, reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts individual approach to each client, which carries the opportunity for a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

About production

Our production is located in Turkmenistan. For several years, the company has made significant investments in the renewal of equipment and production technology and has established a laboratory, experts conduct tests on the technical characteristics of the fabric, its composition, color, durability, quality of dyeing for each batch of fabric.

Acquired, modern knitting machines and improved production management technology. For the production of these fabrics are using 100% cotton thread and with the additional inclusions.